ابل ايفون 11 مع فيس تايم – 128 جيجا ، رام 4 جيجا ، الجيل الرابع ال تي اي ، اسود ، شريحة واحدة وشريحة الكترونية

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17.999,00 EGP

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ابل ايفون 11 مع فيس تايم – 128 جيجا ، رام 4 جيجا ، الجيل الرابع ال تي اي ، اسود ، شريحة واحدة وشريحة الكترونية
ابل ايفون 11 مع فيس تايم – 128 جيجا ، رام 4 جيجا ، الجيل الرابع ال تي اي ، اسود ، شريحة واحدة وشريحة الكترونية

17.999,00 EGP


معلومات المنتج

التفاصيل التقنية

تاريخ الأسعار لـ ابل ايفون 11، 128 جيجا، 4G LTE - بنفسجي


السعر الحالي 17,999 EGP 23 مايو، 2024
أعلى سعر 17,999 EGP 3 مارس، 2024
أقل سعر 17,999 EGP 3 مارس، 2024

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17,999 EGP 3 مارس، 2024

معلومات إضافية

Specification: ابل ايفون 11 مع فيس تايم – 128 جيجا ، رام 4 جيجا ، الجيل الرابع ال تي اي ، اسود ، شريحة واحدة وشريحة الكترونية

نظام التشغيل

‎IOS 14

ذاكرة رام


أبعاد المنتج

‎16.9 x 9.3 x 2.9 سم; 138 جرامات


‎1 أيون الليثيوم يتطلب بطاريات. (مرفقة)

رقم موديل السلعة


تقنيات الاتصال

‎Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB

مميزات العرض الأخرى


واجهة مستخدم الجهاز_الرئيسية

‎شاشة لمس

عامل الشكل




تصنيف طاقة البطارية

‎3100 معدل غير معروف

ماذا يوجد في الصندوق

‎كابل يو اس بي



تاريخ توفر أول منتج

2021 نوفمبر 17

ابل ايفون 11 مع فيس تايم – 128 جيجا ، رام 4 جيجا ، الجيل الرابع ال تي اي ، اسود ، شريحة واحدة وشريحة الكترونية Videos

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10 reviews for ابل ايفون 11 مع فيس تايم – 128 جيجا ، رام 4 جيجا ، الجيل الرابع ال تي اي ، اسود ، شريحة واحدة وشريحة الكترونية

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  1. shrikumar

    So this is my first iphone. Was using android before and not surprised this phone is tooooo good. Got mine for 44k 128gb. According to me these are the pros and consPROS :1. Camera is super good even good than some of the flagship Android in 20212. Performance is undoubtedly the best no lag easy multi tasking heavy games like PUBG/ BGMI runs super smooth with constant 60 fps.3. Battery life : By looking at the spec sheet I was a bit worried coz it is way smaller than my android phone but to be surprised it is lasting way longer than I expected. I am a very heavy user so I need to charge my phone 2 times a day i.e from 90%-35% to maintain battery health4. Build quality : Super premium. Feels good in hand.5. Speakers : Loud enough for your mom to say ‘ avaj kam kr de kitna Shor krra h’ ????Cons:1. Display : Quality is not good for 2021 standards. It’s not like that it’s bad but not upto the mark compared to even some midrange android phones.2. Notch : Feels a bit weird in 2021. This is subjective but I’m just saying it if you are buying one in 2021 consider this3. No 5g : No 5g supported so if you are gonna keep this one for a long time consider this4. Accessories : Almost no accessories in box so you have to buy one separately and to be honest they are expensive.Altogether it’s a great phone even in 2021.

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  2. Karan Shirke

    So I’m writing this review after using 3 months. Basically I’m 1st time using iPhone. I was bit afraid to take a risk with this phone but now looks worth to wait.Battery life is good. You can use whole day without playing games. For normal uses one time charging will be enough. The phone will get charge full within 1 hour.Camera : As everyone knows camera quality of the iPhone. It’s tremendous.Display : Missing Amoled, but you’ll not see any difference.Gaming experience is good. You’ll not feel any lagged or anything. It runs smoothly.Build quality is superb.

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  3. Asim Noor

    Switched from Android to iOS after nearly a decade (using since 2011).Getting familiarised with the OS took some time (2-3 days). But, once that phase gets over, one can appreciate the overall stability and swiftness that comes with this phone.Battery backup is great. I can stretch upto 6-7 hours of screen on time (after restricting some unwanted background refresh).With regards to Camera and OS experience, I have NO issues.Now, some might point out to LCD display in this. However, after using it I must say that the quality of LCD is quite good and for a general user, it won’t make a much difference.But, If you are a person who want that a bit extra on display then go for iPhone 12 and later.One of the major factor for my switch was log-term Security and OS support.&, with this purchase I can certainly be confident of all major updates until 2025-26.I am confident that this can easily turn out to be a good phone in long run for a person like me who don’t have much high performance need.Even of you are a person that wants to be on the cutting edge of performance, then the A13 Bionic chip powering this phone will take care of your needs.

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  4. Bikram Haldar

    iPhone is known for their industry leading camera performances. iPhone 11 is a great phone. A lot of reviews out there , I don’t have much to talk about. It’s camera is absolutely fantastic. Nice battery backup. But when I charge it with the 20 watt power adaptor it slightly heats up the phone. That’s not a big concern. It’s just slightly and if you don’t want that then you could use a 12 watt power adaptor as a solution. It’s still a good phone in 2021 . So I highly recommend this if you want to buy .

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  5. Shashi Singh

    First of I would like to share my experiences after placed order of Iphone 11 128 GB black mobile in sale with discount price.I was worry about product quality nd delivery because lots of negative reviews seen on YouTube nd also in this platform.Some people claimed that they received fake products or defective products so I was also lill bit tense .I placed this order dated 19.01.21 nd got my iphone 11 22nd morning , for precaution I done recording delivery process nd unboxing too .Now I can say that people shouldn’t doubt on Amazon and their products which they deliver.My primary phone is iPhone 12 Pro Max nd this one is my secondary phone because it’s size matters for me , very handy 6.1 inch screen size so it’s comfortable to use single hand .Quality is best , battery life 100% nd camera quality is also becnchmark of this segment.Warranty is now active when activate phone.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  6. Raghul Rishvanth G P

    Writing my review after three days of usage… I recommend everyone to update the software to the latest version before using the phone as there may be heating issues when the mobile is used without updating the software…I got my delivery the very next day of ordering the iPhone…Thanks to Amazon’s one day delivery…The product came in a secured package and the packaging was awesome…The camera quality is excellent…There is no second choice when it comes to IPhone camera…Regarding battery life…I’m getting one day of battery life for a normal usage with few hours of YouTube usage and phone calls…Battery life is Good.Phone is super smooth without Any lag…If you have budget then go for IPhone 12 as that comes with A14 Bionic chip that will be faster than this A13 chip…No Touch ID(fingerprint reader)…FaceID works like charm…unlocks even in extremely dark environment…Only issue is you cannot unlock your phone when wearing face-mask????Night mode is good but not up to the mark..You can find noise in the images with night mode turned on…Dual SIM card configuration…Primary physical SIM card and secondary sim is an e-sim… e-SIM can be easily activated by contacting the network provider..In my case my secondary sim is Airtel…Send this SMS to 121 if you are using Airtel…”eSIMyour email ID”…you will receive a confirmation SMS immediately and after you confirm, you will receive a confirmation call, after you give your consent, you will receive a QR code to the registered email., Now go to the settings in your iPhone, Click on mobile data and then click add data plan and scan the QR., that’s it., Your eSIM will be activated within 2 hours.,Note: If you have not updated your email with the network provider call 121 for Airtel and register your email., it will take up to 2 days to update.,Will update the review after one month of usage…So far so good!

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    Since name is famous people grab it without thinking , but honestly saying android is always best smart multi funtional , if you r taking ios for show shining so then nothing else go for apple in Best Brand for impression .for bussiness uses i will recomonned only Andrioid Phones vivo oppos samsang mi or any one

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  8. Amazon Customer

    This iphone has a nice fairly large display, with great colour and contrast. The phone is sleek and has very good battery life. I charge it once in two days. The camera is also excellent. Very happy with the product. Also very happy with Amazon’s shipping and packing of the product.

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  9. J Nath

    I bought the iPhone 11 (128 GB) during the Amazon Great Indian sale in October 2021.They were offering it at Rs 44,999. I was not sure if it will be a brand new iPhone at at such a low cost, but I decided to buy it.When I received the package, I checked the iPhone. There were no scratches or dents, so it was new iPhone. It was a genuine iPhone 11 and would pair with my existing Apple products.After 1 week of use, I would say definitely an improvement if you are using older iPhones like iPhone 7/8 etc. Face ID is pretty fast and seamless.Camera quality is much better and it almost looks like a DSLR clicked picture. But I noticed for low light conditions, even though it’s better than previous iPhones, the software that corrects the image is unable to determine white balance in low light. For low light conditions, iPhone 12 performs much better than iPhone 11.2 issues with deliveryPhone exchange programI had gone for the Amazon exchange program which gives discounts if you exchange old phones. I would have got a discount for Rs 1000 for my iPhone 5S. But the delivery person refused to take the phone as it had some scratches which are normal if you use any phone. I had to pay Rs 1000 to the delivery person as the iPhone 5S was not meeting their parameters for exchange ( I was charged Rs 43,999 when billing instead of Rs 44,999 by Amazon) So I would say don’t depend on exchange program for Amazon to get a discount.Delivery Date:Amazon has this feature that you can choose which day of the week you want your package to be delivered. I was travelling, so I had selected Thursday for delivery. In spite of that Amazon delivered it on Tuesday when I was not at home. So I would say don’t depend on that delivery option. They will deliver when they feel like. Ask some neighbour to collect it if you are not at home on some specific day.

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  10. Somak Sengupta

    I switched from Android to iOS for the first time and it has been keeping me amazed! Smooth touch, responsive apps, excellent UI, mind blowing camera, I can now understand why iPhone users say something is different in it! Absolutely unbelievable experience! Cherry on top is security, use bank and payments app without any hassles! Loved it! Two drawbacks are 1) No headphone and charger (you have to shell more money ????) 2) No fingerprint scanner and using faceid in COVID is a PIA.

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